The Western Conference 

 By Ken Monzingo 
Forum Publisher

The current three districts in the Western Conference - District 17, District 21, and District 22 - represent most of the west excluding Los Angeles, Oregon and Washington have a total membership over 25,000, and a monthly Contract Bridge Forum circulation of over 22,500. I am impressed with the camaraderie and willingness of this board to face each and every pressing issue with professional attitudes, and a genuine caring for each other’s district as well as their own. We are truly blessed with an amazing group and I’m sure the booming successes of our tournaments and the Western Conference STACs. The three annual STACs attract more than 24,000 tables of bidge played by more than 30,000 players, and awarding more than 60,000 masterpoints, have a lot to do with the loyalty of these members. I’m also impressed with their united support of our conference vehicle, the Contract Bridge Forum of which Ken Monzingo is now in his 34th year as publisher, following about 15 years of Tom Quinlan publishing the popular paper.

There are the four women and two men who represent the Western Conference (see the Board Member link), an amazing group of talent and dedication. Add to the formula Tom Shulman of Las Vegas, our treasurer extra ordinaire, plus my very dedicated Forum employees who have been with me for two decades Leticia Magana and Sergio Mendivil and our three district editors, Ken Monzingo, District 22, Rich Luttrell, District 21, and Kitty & Steve Cooper, District 17. and you can see we are in good hands with all states.

I am impressed.

Western Conference STACS

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